Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cyber Space Surveillance Dragnet Puts High Profile People in Court

"Cyber Space Surveillance Dragnet Puts High Profile People in Court"," It showed an eagle intent on listening to noise of Cyber Space through a set of headphones, while multiple cables, held by the claws of the bird, are connected through a secret room, controlled by NSA.

Firms involved in telecommunications, were earlier this year, granted protection from prosecution in spying lawsuits, because of legislation passed by Congress.
 To overcome this, EFF opened a second front, claiming those who authorized, or had participated in a fishing expedition, be held accountable.
 Tucked away in San Francisco is a secret room operated by NSA, where copies of communication records of all Internet traffic are funneled to.

High profile names such as President George W. Bush

Up until now, Internet Service Providers, which carry their users' conversations, secrets, relationships, acts, and omissions, have left the spy business alone.
 Now, however, with the recent advances made in eavesdropping technology, ISP can now spy on people, never before tried ways.
 From the recent flurry of reports, it would appear the ISP are giving in to the temptation and experimenting with new forms of spying.

How are governments meant to protect themselves and their people from a repeat performance of terrorist attacks such as September 11, without being seen to be just plain sticky beaks? Is this the place where the search by 'keywords' was perfected?

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a Google page rank of 7, so it is a site well worth watching, as the drama continues to unfold in the American courts.
 They want to get back to basics and many are considering moving to a slower pace of life, in places like the adventure travel destination of the tropical islands of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific

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