Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Foods That Cleanse the Colon - Three Foods to Help Your Colon Health

"Foods That Cleanse the Colon - Three Foods to Help Your Colon Health"," With cells that are healthy you can maintain an ideal weight and a youthful appearance.
 Peoples modern diets are poising them slowly.
 Our bodies contain cells that are not healthy and are riddled with the food that we put in our bodies.
 both mental and physical.
 When you are in this state you feel good and healthy.

So what are some foods that cleanse the colon?

1) Grains such as Oats and Flax Seeds - In order to maintain a healthy colon people need to ingest a high amount of fiber.
 These foods will support your colons health by flushing your colon of debris that has been hanging out in there.
 The lettuce is green because it contains the potent antioxidant and photochemical known as chlorophyll.
 In general the more green and dark colored the lettuce you eat the better it is for your overall health and your colon.
 Berries tend to pack a lot of fiber into little spaces.
 This fiber helps flush debris out of your colon.
 Really any type of fruit or fruit juice is good for cleaning out the colon.
 These are foods that you can integrate into your daily diet to help keep everything clean and healthy.
 You only need to go as close as your local supermarket.