Thursday, May 17, 2012

Red Sea Vegetation and Calcium

"Red Sea Vegetation and Calcium"," They can break easily and so they grow just deep enough.

There are over 4000 different species of red sea plants, and most red sea plants are the creators of ocean reefs.

Red sea plants have come a long way in the scientific world.

Scientists are now researching and experimenting with red sea plants, and what they are finding is amazing.

Today over half the population of people over the age of 25 have arthritis.
 People today claim to not have enough time to get their daily intake of calcium and iron, but the two are starting to run low in society today.
 So why is it that we are still eating the same junk food, but wishing the same wish, we all want to be healthy, but we all find excuses to get out of it.
 Today's society is starting to get worse, but sea plants can help turn us around on this track, and steer us right back to that health track.
 All the things that sea vegetation has been used for is mind boggling.
 They have used it to cure arthritis, osteoporosis and low blood sugar.
 These two cultures are just a small example of how far back sea vegetation has been used.
 They even put a certain type of sea vegetation on wounds to prevent infection from occurring.
 This evidence shows that sea vegetation is a great source of healing and food.
 So why do we keep on searching for that miracle pill? When really that miracle pill isn't a pill at all, but is sea vegetation.
 The cure to almost any ailment has been sitting right in front of our eyes, or in this case right under the water, and we just walked right past it.
 We are no longer walking past what has been proven to be the healthiest thing left on our planet.