Friday, April 6, 2012

How To Choose The Right Jewelry Gift For A Man

"How To Choose The Right Jewelry Gift For A Man"," Not all men want or appreciate a jewelry gift. You can't make a man like jewelry, okay? But if the man you intend to gift loves chains, bracelets, rings or amulets, you're in. To find the right gift for a man, look at what he wears on a day to day basis. Some love the look of leather or silicone bands with a stainless steel amulet; others are more into the ethnic look of wood, braided grasses or shells. Sometimes they only wear an item because it has a special spiritual or romantic significance to it and would wear nothing if not for that particular memory. Just realize that if the man has riches and favors high-end custom rings with 40 carat sized gemstones of the top quality, buying a ring less than that is probably not a good idea. Find something that he could use without feeling awkward, such as a healing or protective piece that looks masculine. and can be hung on the car mirror if the guy doesn't want to wear it. That would be your first big clue; if the answer is ""Ick! I never wear jewelry-I hate it"" then nix that plan and look for something more appropriate, like a tie, hat, gloves or belt. Then whatever you give him, he will know you paid attention to him. HERE IT IS ALL IN ONE NUT SHELL