Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tropical Storm - Fascinating, Dangerous

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"Tropical Storm - Fascinating, Dangerous"," Why do storms occur?  Weather forecasters, storm experts and others have been studying storms for years and have uncovered some of the factors that contribute to a tropical storm.

One of the basic reasons for storm activity is that the atmosphere that sustains life on earth is constantly seeking a balance between warm air and cool air, between moist conditions and dry conditions, etc.
 A tropical storm is nature's way of telling us something is out of balance.
  When air and water vapor move upward (convection), clouds literally gather into thunderstorms.
  This is the first sign of a different form of tropical weather - a hurricane.
 (They are also called typhoons and tropical cyclones, depending on where you are in the world.
  When winds at upper levels of the atmosphere pull away rising air, the storm moves from the equator, rotating all the while.
  Should wind speed rise above 74, a hurricane is born.
  Quite simply, the eye of a hurricane is very calm compared to the rest of these often-massive storms.
  Temperature levels vary within the eye as well, with cooler air near the surface of the ocean and warmer temperatures at higher levels.

While nature is seeking balance with tropical storms of all intensity levels, human beings continue to look for ways to prepare for these massive storms.
  These destructive winds are found in the wall of the eye, so forecasters try to focus on when the eye wall will cross various geographical locations.