Thursday, May 3, 2012

What the Art of Seduction Is All About"

"What the Art of Seduction Is All About"," For some people it is very natural to approach a person for whatever reason, and they can start an effortless conversation with anyone anywhere.
 The art of seduction is something that balances natural charisma and calculated effort.

Reading Signals

The art of seduction is largely based on your ability to read the signals of the person you are trying to flirt with.
 If you smile at them, do they smile back? Do you catch them staring at you when you are not looking at them? If you see that the person you are attracted to is staring back at you openly, here is the door for you to make a contact.
 If you walk up to someone and initiate a conversation do they give you one word responses, or do they attempt to engage? Also pay attention to body language.

Moving into Flirtation

Once you can clearly see that someone is mutually attracted to you, or at least open to conversing with you, avoid speeding up things by flirting too quickly.
 Let them know that you are interested in knowing something about them.
 Ask them where they work, where they grew up.
 The best way to get someone to talk to you is to volunteer information about yourself, while also encouraging them to talk back to you.
 Think about the last time someone gave you positive attention, and how this was achieved.
 The art of seduction starts with your ability to make someone comfortable with you.