Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Practical Weight Loss Tips - Ways To Eat Right At Fast Food Restaurants

"Practical Weight Loss Tips - Ways To Eat Right At Fast Food Restaurants"," You're going to be pulling up in line, about to reach the little speaker where you put in your order, or get up to the counter, where you'll be asked ""What do you want?"" here at the home of the big burger/jumbo fries/super milkshake/extra topping pizza/crispy fried chicken/best donuts/monster gulp, etc. Wise weight loss plan followers approach this scenario with a strategy that does not include being seduced by feel-bad food, mega-buck advertising or just being so hungry/tired/stressed they'll eat almost anything. It's also too short to spend in a lumpy, sluggish body that doesn't have enough flexibility or enough energy and that it shames you to inhabit. No news there. Here are some suggestions, and all of these can be tucked into your tote or briefcase, as you head out in the morning, to eat half an hour or so before you reach the restaurant: one of the small servings of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt (not fruit bottom, which has added sugar); a small apple or pear; a single-serving oatmeal (add to a half cup of boiling water - easy to do in the microwave) or a low-fat, no-sugar energy bar. Often, we confuse hunger with thirst - and your body needs more water before your brain gets the thirst signal. One piece of pizza with water or a diet drink (tea or coffee black) and a green side salad (small amount of vinaigrette dressing - half the packet they give you) is a sensible weight loss lunch or dinner. At the burger joint, get the grilled (not fried or breaded) chicken sandwich, on whole wheat if possible - or just don't eat the bun. Skip the fries and drink water or diet pop (diet soda). Your strategy: black coffee or tea, chicken or turkey sandwich on whole wheat or a whole wheat bagel or English muffin, with honey or low-fat cream cheese. Absolutely skip the fries and other extras, such as the high-calorie potato salad. Request extra veg (tomato and lettuce) on your sandwich. My suggestion (if you must go) is to use a cheat day, order the platter to share, and indulge. Chances are, you will have had far too much, calorie-wise - but this is cheat day, so one that one day (per month or so), let yourself enjoy a bit of fast food indulgence, knowing that you are right back on your healthy eating plan, not tomorrow but today (and every day until the next allowed cheat day). THIS IS WHAT YOU GET TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT