Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Benefits of an Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable Supplement

"The Benefits of an Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable Supplement","  Increasing levels of atmospheric pollution, and overuse of pesticides on food, combine to threaten our health at the cellular level where the free radicals that these pollutants produce in your body help to destroy body cells and DNA and cause premature aging, heart conditions and many other forms of disease.
  Phytonutrients have long been considered the ideal type of supplement to fight free radicals and maintain the good healthy immune system that is essential to protect us from bacterial and viral diseases.
  It doesn't matter if these are land plants such as aloe vera, or sea plants such as kelp, they are plants nevertheless.
  All plants are vegetables from the smallest mosses to the largest tree, on land or in the sea.
  It is also used for digestive complaints from indigestion and reflux to irritable bowel syndrome and colitis.
 Aloe vera has also been shown to help insulin maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  Many people associate seaweed with kelp, but there are many different species of sea vegetable just as there are many land vegetables.
  This is very similar to mother's milk, and contains a very similar mix of antibodies.

Chondus crispus is another, this vegetable containing a high level of iodine that is so necessary for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland.
 It  also contains strong antioxidants, again helping to keep down the level of free radicals in your blood, and so maintain a good level of cardiovascular health.
 These help insulin to prompt the body to convert blood glucose to energy that not only maintains a healthy level of glucose in the blood, but also maintains a good metabolic rate.
  Laminaria digitata can be used to treat fungal conditions such as candida, which is a sexually transmitted fungal infection, and this is not the only such sea vegetable that can be used to treat medical conditions.

One of the main reasons for including aloe vera with the marine phytonutrients is that it acts synergistically with many of them.
  The average effect is lower than this, but it is an astounding effect nevertheless.
 The combination of an aloe vera and sea vegetable supplement was not put together by accident, and is in fact a very powerful mix of nutritional phytochemicals that work together to keep you healthy and well.
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