Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sea Vegetation and Dieting

"Sea Vegetation and Dieting"," Now it is time to look at it in a more fitting light.

Why? Because sea vegetation comes without the high sugar, fat, calorie, and all the other things that we are more used to eating.

Unlike the fast food we eat today, sea plants are actually good for you, they are not deep fried, smothered in grease or drained of all nutritional value like the food we eat today is.

Sea vegetation also contains things that help start your metabolism, which means that sea plants actually help digest themselves in a cleaner more effective way without having to worry about grease and such mixing in with the good things.
 They don't wake up still tired and sluggish after a long night sleep and are more ready and prepared for the day ahead.

Not only is sea vegetation able to give you more energy, it can also help keep your body detoxified by foods that you may eat from time to time.

The sea vegetation takes that trapped toxin and neutralizes it so that when the sea vegetation is being digested it is the only thing being digested and not something that is unhealthy and possibly ill causing.
 Sea vegetation has more things in it, such as vitamins, elements, and irons then most of the vegetation grown on land does.
 The red sea vegetation has three different types, the green sea vegetation has two different types, and the brown sea vegetation has four different types in it.

You don't see that type of combination in your every day garden salad.
 It sits there out in the ocean, growing, and when it is done growing, it just survives until it is washed up or taken out of the water.
 Sea vegetation has been known to help with carb diets, maintain a good percent of calcium, and the best part, it has been used by other cultures for hundreds of years.
 So when you put it all together and get down to it, eating sea vegetation, which you usually picture as slimy and green, is better for you then eating a hamburger and fries.