Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choosing Your First Woodworking Project: How to Find the Right Woodwork Plans for You

"Choosing Your First Woodworking Project: How to Find the Right Woodwork Plans for You"," But if you don't have your grandfather to help you safely start your woodworking projects, you need to find another source of good advice and inspiration for your projects.
 Use the KISS method: keep it simple stupid.
 Yet done right, your family will be impressed and your friends will be amazed, and you'll move on to many more woodworking projects, leaving a lasting legacy for your family.
 So you'll need to find a plan that excites you, gives you solid step-by-step instructions, guides you through using the wood tools and the woodworking machinery, and grows your woodcraft skills.

You can find plans on the Internet and in woodworking magazines that you can pick up at your local lumber store.
 Often they're the product of an amateur draftsman versus a professional furniture designer.

Another alternative is to take a woodcraft course that steps you through the process of intelligently growing your woodworking skills in a logical way so that as your ability progresses, your investment in wood tools and woodworking machinery also naturally progresses.
 But it does make sense to invest in the right tools for the right project that inspire you to move to the next level of your ability.
 This makes your woodworking project exclusively your own--a one-of-a-kind creation that is your personal work of art.

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