Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ok, Great, But HOW?

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Ok, great, but HOW?

I know what you’re thinking.
  You know you’re ready to do “something else” with your career but you’re stuck in the same place I was…… right between a desire to succeed and an overwhelming fear to choose the wrong way and fail miserably!

Let me help you sort it out a bit.

Step 1:  BREATH

Realize that online business isn’t nearly as intimidating as starting a business twenty years ago.
  There’s no employees to pay, no one to lay off if business doesn’t pick up, you’ll probably never have to fire anyone, and if you fail….
 so what? Picking a new domain name and starting from scratch will cost you all of about $30.


This is YOUR business so find something you are going to LIKE devoting time to watch it grow.
  You can join a few affiliate programs to sell some fishy products, maybe even eventually write a fish tale (e-book) and sell it on your site.

Step 3: BREATH (yes again)

Before you go out and buy the domain name www.
com [http://www.
com] for $5,000 from the owner and invest in $20,000 worth of fish equipment to sell to your “customers” take a moment to plan out HOW you want your business to be presented.
  Trust me, that’s what I did and all it ends up doing is dividing your efforts and nothing ever really seems to work.
  If you’re going to join some affiliate programs, great, but take the time to read up on them and see if they are going to devote the same effort to you that you do to them.


There are two ways to run a successful business.
 Html, PHP, Java, meta tags, key words, reciprocal linking, post nuke, search engine optimization, crawlers, spiders, robots???????  There’s always going to be something you don’t quite understand completely and there’s always someone that knows it just a little better than you.

The other method, although it requires more time and effort, will help you to build a great online business in the end.
  ( I recommend starting a “test” site to let you experiment before you start your “real” site)  Learn some basic HTML, understand how search engines rank web pages, know what other sites like yours are out there, join some free business e-zines.
  Adjust your plan from time to time.

Step 6: DON'T GIVE UP!

The most important aspect of online business to remember is that it IS NOT a “get rich quick” scheme.
  While this is certainly true, most of them seem to forget to mention the WORK and the TIME that are involved.
 Bill Gates worked for ten years before Microsoft became an “instant success”! Look at him now.
 Keep doing little things to improve your business and soon you’ll notice the results of your effort.

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