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A Fun Backyard Landscaping Idea - How About An Exotic, Tropical Backyard Resort?

"A Fun Backyard Landscaping Idea - How About An Exotic, Tropical Backyard Resort?"," Every year millions of busy, over-stressed people choose to spend their precious vacation time unwinding at tropical locales.
 This slower, more laidback attitude is fueled in no small part by the natural beauty that surrounds you at tropical Island locations.
 It's not only possible, it's a lot of fun.
 With a little creativity, education and guidance, you can turn your boring backyard landscape into your own exotic, tropical Backyard Resort.
 To create your Backyard Resort, your backyard landscape will capture the wild and untamed mood of a natural tropical landscape.
 The tropically-inspired garden will be much more casual, with seemingly randomized patterns of trees, shrubs, and foliage.
 Banana plants with their large dramatic leaves, beautiful foliage plants like coleus and gingers, open and airy ornamental grasses, beautiful climbing vines, and tropical blooming plants all have a place.
 Uniformity and normality are out; randomness and whimsy are in.
 You would have a year-round growing season with no fear of freezing temperatures, and you could grow whatever you wanted.

The approach we'll use is very simple.
 The trick is to learn what plants and how to combine them to create that exotic, tropical look.

At a high level, here's what to do: create a solid foundation, create the tropical landscape effect, and add the finishing touches.
 Here, use only things that are reliably winter hardy.
 Large trees, evergreen shrubs and small understory trees, and perennials that return year after year will set your foundation.

Anything with big, deep green leaves works great, and all the better if it is evergreene
 They seem to add a care-free feel to the landscape as they move with the wind.
 Finally, try to find some color for the foundation.
 Crepe myrtles are favorites in southern landscapes.
 You'll definitely want to use things that are reliable in your area, and will not succumb to winter cold.
 Here, you'll use true tropical plants that have to be treated as annuals in your area, unless you are willing to go to great lengths to protect them from winter chill.
 Then, there are the interesting, tropical looking plants that may have no problems at all with winter weather.
 It's hard to imagine a tropical landscape without the presence of palms.
 Plant one and you can be sure you'll hear more than one ""You can't grow that here!"".
 Windmill, Sabal, and needle palms come to mind.
 Let's throw in some bananas, cannas, and elephant ears with their huge leaves for a start.
 Yucca and big ornamental grasses add great tropical effect too.

Get creative here and have fun.
 As an example, I've grown Papayas, Angel Trumpets, candle trees, and Caster Bean plants for years, treating them as annuals.
 The tasteful use of containers can greatly enhance the overall effect of your backyard resort.
 Tropical hibiscus, mandevilla, and bougainvilla all make a statement in containers.
 Go to your favorite garden center's houseplant section.
 All plants want to be outside and will perform their best outside.
 Experiment with some of these plants and you are sure to be amazed at the results.
 There are no rules whatsoever here.
 Want to get more out there, create a faux Mayan ruin surrounded by tropical-looking foliage.
 Or, suspend a comfortable hammock between trees, complete with a fake (or real!) parrot watching over you while you relax.
 This is all about you.

Backyard Resorts - There you have it.
 This little hobby has been an absolute joy for me over the years.
 That just wouldn't be possible in a single article and, even if it were, it would take all the fun out of this little adventure.
 Beyond that, you have all kinds of creative license in creating your own personal backyard resort

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