Monday, May 7, 2012

Native Fish Carvings And Fish Sculptures For Sport Fishing Enthusiasts

"Native Fish Carvings And Fish Sculptures For Sport Fishing Enthusiasts","  If you are such a collector of fish artwork, you should consider adding a piece made by a native aboriginal artist for your home, office or lodge.
  Salmon carvings are expertly carved with wonderful details and are usually presented as wall plaques.

The Inuit from Canada's Arctic north also produce fish artwork.
  Of course, instead of salmon, these northern artists create sculptures of local based fish species such as Arctic char.

Being made from stone, Inuit artwork such as the fish sculptures will be much heavier in weight compared to the wood fish carvings from the Pacific Northwest coast.

If you are shopping for an Inuit fish sculpture, one thing to keep in mind is that they may be harder to find compared to native aboriginal salmon carvings.
  If in stock at Inuit art galleries, fish sculptures will likely be found in the 'Other Inuit Sxulptures' category.