Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Case on Jobs

    My case on jobs, I want to work and have applied to several places, but because of my disabilities and age its hopeless, I have a quadruple bypass and diabeties. Insurance is out of the question. My only hope would be to open my own business and hire 1-20 people to manage the work. I have always wanted to open a tropical fish store of a size equal to the biggest out in california. They were always busy, and people would travel great distances to visit the store and usually purchase a great deal of fish and supplies. Tropical fish have been a hobby of mine all my life, and I have acquired a great deal of experience in raising and breeding these fish.
   If I ever get enough money which is getting doutful since I can't find a job at my age (65) I feel like I can handle the job I feel fine and need something to keep me occupied, but raising and breeding fish would be ideal for me.Did you know that a mated pair of Oscars can produce enough off spring to make you $2500 a year selling the babies once they are 1 inch long for $0.25 each. Same with Angel fish and about 100 more different variety of tropical fish. I know it can be done, I did it when I was living in California back in the 60's you probably make more now but its a business with 3000% profit on a mated pair of fish if you know which ones to mate and sell.
    If anyone reads this and would like to invest in getting me into business, please don't hesitate to put me to work. Its the work not the pay I'm after, I live in NC at this time and I receive social security a pension from a past job and getting ready to receive disability checks from veterans adminstration I hope maybe then I can open a small tropical fish store somewhere but would really like to open a huge tropical fish and supplies only store where I need at least 10 employees. Been my dream for over 40 years. Never let a dream pass by without acting on it in some way. Me I know about fish. above is a picture of my marbled angels and some of there babies I haven't sold yet below is a picture of me.check out my profile for more info.