Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jobs you say, we say Where?

   Boy how things change over night, listening to business news this morning, and they are now saying there are plenty of jobs out there, this may be true but its for the college educated and rich people they don't want too hire you if you don't have education, if you don't look good and rich,  if you have credit issues, if you have a police record, if you have been out of work too long, if you are too old, if you are disable. which covers most of the poor people out of work. We all would be glad to go to work if we could be once you are turned down so many times you sort of give up on looking and give up hope of ever finding a job.
   Most people who need a job are limited on funds to even look for work, I'm sure most have at least one application out there. If some of the companies would just call some of the applicants and ask them to come to work we could break the cycle. If you are a company with lots of applications but no work available give the applications to a company who has no applications but need workers. Make it mandatory if you have an application for over 10 days you have to pass  it on to another company who is hiring. eventually everyone who can be hired will be hired and all jobs out there will be taken.
    Require everyone to put in at least one application per week, until they get a job or just can't work at all anymore. Of coarse you will always have the ones too lazy to work or don't need to work because someone else is keeping them up, housewives, retired, disabled all have excuses. But a lot of people want to work but because of stipulation set by businesses such as criminal records, education, disability, and even credit issues its really hard to get a job anywhere.