Saturday, May 12, 2012


   I would like to express my opinion about the presidential election, the only reason anyone would want to vote for a Republican is if you are rich and want to get richer or if you just don't know the whole story.
Believe me or don't but Romney is out to make the rich like himself richer and the poor people god help them will be the ones to pay with cuts in welfare and social security. It doesn't make sense to give the rich tax breaks and tax the poor what are we doing going back to medevil times where the king taxed the peasants so he would be rich.
   The poor people had better get wise real quick, remember O'bama inherited the conditions that the country is in and has at least kept us from starving to death. The Republicans have done everything they can to slow him down.if you recollect.
    Why not make it all fair and impose a 20% tax on all income across the board for the rich and the poor that would be the fair thing to do but the rich will pay millions not to let this happen.How can we fight the ones with the money when its seens its a lop sided battle the poor have few options to get the word out, the rich have money for advertizement and can pay off the ones who help them by saying you scratch my back and I will scratch yours when I'm elected.
    If you are poor, the only weapon you have to battle against getting poorer is the vote and a little brain power. Don't be deceived by the rich billionaires and millionaires who could care less weather you have a job or not or weather you can pay your bills just as long as they are making money and not being taxed the same as you and me. It seems like the rich are getting special priveleges even in government and its time the people put a stop to it before it gets so far out of wack that it can't be stopped and the only survivors will be the ones with the most money. Take a hard look there are lots of rich people now where just 10 years ago only a hand full and the more rich we have the more poor get poorer because the rich are greedy and want it all for themselves. Me I would only tax anyone or business who make over 100,000 a year and everyone who makes under no tax so they would have a chance to get rich too.
     The vote will not by itself straighten things out, we have to get rid of a lot of laws that protect the rich only and put more regulations in the garbage that hurt the poor. Wipe the slate clean and start over with equal rights for all not just the rich. For one I don't mind being poor but when you take from me to give to the rich its just a little bit unbearable. Think and vote for your life, no one else can do it for you.