Friday, April 20, 2012

Brochure Marketing for the Salon Owner

Brochures are perhaps the number one marketing tool for just about any size business. They not only allow you to quickly and easily explain your business, but also allow you to walk the prospect through a certain thought process. This thought process is what allows you to easily sell your products or services, and also allows you to see what does and doesn't work. Below are five tips to ensuring that your salon's marketing efforts are operating at the highest capacity.
Colors - Make sure that the colors you choose to use are bright and vibrant. Having vibrant colors draws attention to the brochure. Drawing attention is paramount in first getting the eye of your prospect, and also driving eyeballs to your other marketing collateral. As a result, try and see what colors you can use to encompass within the brochure.
Folds - Make sure that the folds of the brochure are creative. You don't always have to include evenly placed folds. It is more important that you try and be creative. As a result, try and gather as much of the content as possible and then try to see where to place each idea. Simply remember that you must try and put each idea within a space that allows them to see them quickly and easily.
Images - Try and have images that reflect your brand. Images that are reflective of your brand not only allow you to easily communicate your ideas, but also allow you to draw the prospect's attention to certain ideas. Drawing attention to certain ideas will not only allow you to punctuate ideas, but also add a little decoration to your brochure. So try to find your most important points to the brochure and think of ways to accentuate it.
Fonts - Make sure that the fonts of your brochure are consistent. Serif fonts tend to be easier on the eye and allow the prospect to quickly read the brochure. As a result, try and see what fonts work best. Play around with different styles, sizes and shapes while still staying within the brochures dimensions.
Interesting Shapes - Try and create your brochure into an interesting shape. This could be a unique die cut or anything that instantly grabs their attention. So try to think of a shape that embodies your industry. For example, a psychic could use a crystal ball shape, and a dentist a toothbrush. This helps in stating what you do, without actually explaining it.
When you are done with your brochure, be sure to ask your friends, family and coworkers what they think. This will help in getting feedback, and also help in spreading word about your company.