Sunday, April 29, 2012

What You Need To Know About The BD LSR II

BD LSR II is one of the latest devices that have been introduced in cytometry field. Medical practitioners use this device to count cells, microscopic particles and chromosomes. The BD LSR II does not only count cells or chromosomes, but it also examines them. This device is fitted with different appealing features that enhance the process of cell examination.

This machine is fitted with electronic apparatus and lasers. These equipments work together to provide professionals with good information concerning different cells. The device offers medical professionals with various benefits to experience. Unlike traditional laboratory equipments, this device uses modern technology to produce results of different cells.

This laboratory device has gained popularity due to its unique features. It is the only laboratory equipment that uses a bench-top four laser flow cytometer. This means that this laboratory equipment is more efficient compared to other lab equipments. The process of counting and examining microscopic particles, cells and chromosomes is faster and simple.

Medical professionals prefer this device because of its efficiency. Professionals in the field of cytometry use this machine because it relies on fiber optic. The machine uses fiber optics to produce reliable information. The system is very sensitive and it can detect any contact of liquid samples.

Information is processed faster because the machine is fitted with advanced digital systems. This advance digital system enhances both the detection process and channel resolution. People can gather a lot of information within a short period of time due to the availability of this feature. That is why it is important.

It is easy to control the flow of samples in the device. This is because BD LSR II is fitted with a control panel. The panel assists people to control liquid flow in fast or slow motion. The navigation process of this device is simple because it runs on Microsoft windows.