Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fishing on the Fly - Around the Lighthouse Reef Atoll!

"Fishing on the Fly - Around the Lighthouse Reef Atoll!"," The Belize Barrier Reef acts as a natural shelter and source of food for a wide variety of fish - which in turn attract large exotic fish as well as large predatory fish, thus completing the eco-cycle.

Fly Fishing on the go.
 So, if you are hooked on tarpon, bonefish or a permit - then Belize is buzzing with Fly fishing spots for you.
 But, hold your breath, since these tarpons can reach to an amazing 200 lbs - lovingly called ""Saltwater torpedoes"".
 Permits have a very discerning sense of smell aided by brilliant eyesight - making it a very prized game fish in the Belize waters.
Beyond Lighthouse Reef Atoll!

At some point in time, every angler worth their salt tries to move outwards for a deep sea catch.
 Most of the deep sea fish will test your muscle power and will look you in the eye before deciding to come on board.
 Dolphin is one of the best looking species in sea and their jumping antics are well known to seasoned fishers.

Many visitors ask the question - ""Why are fishing boats so brightly colored?"" Those who live off the sea would swear that most sea fish are attracted to bright colors.

Fishing on the Reef & Outer Wall

Where can you find Barracudas, Jacks, Groupers and Snappers just off the reef? Maybe, in a couple of places in Australia and Mauritius and that's it.

While the In-reef fishing might fetch you a 'mutton snapper' and 12 other species of smaller snapper weighing up to 5 lbs, the real action is on the outer reef.

Fishing - In the right places.

Belize City

Nothing tops the river fishing in an around Belize city - with Belize and Sibun rivers offering a bounty of game fish like Snook and Cubera.


The saltwater flats are also called ""Permit Alley"" - the best place in Belize to pocket a Permit.
 Are you game for deep sea fishing or even flat water fishing - Belize is the planet's best known fishing secret.

No wonder that the demand for  real estate around Belize has skyrocketed - because of what's happening in the waters around Belize.

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