Friday, April 20, 2012

Web Marketing Advice For Beginners To Millionaires

Let's face it, everybody needs web marketing advice. It's impossible to know everything and in this article I'm going to share five pieces of web marketing advice that you can use TODAY, immediately, to make more money in the next 30 days. If that sounds good to you, let's get started.
Web Marketing Advice #1: Education - The first piece of advice is to set aside a monthly budget towards improving your education. Think of it this way. If you buy a course for $1,000 and you get a single tip out of it that's going to increase your business by $2,000 within a year... you've just figured out a way to get double your money. Compare that to the stock market, where doing doubling your money might take 10 years or more!
Web Marketing Advice #2: Conversions - Conversions are one of the most underutilized pieces of an online business I've ever come across. Everybody focuses on traffic instead. And while traffic is great, it's not so great if you're getting thousands of visitors but nobody is buying! One of the easiest ways to increase your conversions is to simply get in tune with something I call "message to market match". This simply means that you must get in touch with the inner dialogue of your customers, and speak to them as if you were sitting next to them at a bar!
Web Marketing Advice #3: Traffic - No, I'm not going to tell you to just "get more traffic". My piece of advice is to get higher quality traffic. Here's an example. Let's say you're reading this article and click the link in my resource box to get my free report. Don't you think you'd be more qualified as a potential customer than someone who clicked a pay-per-click ad? Of course you are! You already have some type of relationship with me and took an extra step. That's the kind of traffic you'll want on your site.
Web Marketing Advice #4: Your Products - There are two main ideas I want to share with you for this one. First, create more products. The more products you have, the more of an expert you'll both become and be positioned as. Second, come out with a few higher priced products to display your credibility and position yourself as more valuable to your customers and prospects. Many times having a higher priced product increases the conversions of your lower priced products simply because people perceive you as more of an expert!
Web Marketing Advice #5: Retaining Your Customers - Many people overlook the fact that they're losing between 10% - 30% of their customers every single year. If you put a few plans in place to recapture these lost customers, you can increase your business 10-30% JUST by doing this alone! Doing this is simple, too. Find out the average length of time between purchases. If someone goes double that length without buying, they're considered a lost customer. Then put a few marketing pieces in place to get them back. That's all it takes!
This short article on web marketing advice obviously can't cover everything you need to know about building an online business. However, I hope it's opened your eyes and given you a few ideas you can take to increase your business this month. Just remember... keep plugging away and continually look for more web marketing advice - that's the perfect recipe for growing your business!