Friday, April 20, 2012


Coffee shops are perhaps the one small business that adds value to a community. They become a great location for residents to congregate to share ideas, add a sense of belonging and let people surf the web tirelessly - something that we all look for in 2012.
However, many times owners are not properly utilizing their marketing efforts in order to pull a diverse group of people. Although there are many marketing tactics available to small businesses, only a few offer a substantial benefit. Printed materials, and postcards in fact, are a largely overlooked marketing tool that allow the coffee shop owner to connect with locals in person, mail directly, and even leave behind in certain locations. However, with so many advantages, it is important to realize a few key points. Below are three tips to ensuring you get the most for your marketing efforts.
Distribution Tactics - The distribution of postcards is imperative. Postcards have the unique ability to be handed out, mailed, and even left behind in public places. In order to bring in new customers, think of where your demographic might relax. Many times, coffee house goers frequent local shopping centers, parks and community centers. Hire a small street team to go to these places and hand out your postcards. This will help get word out about your coffee shop as well as place a face to a name of the shop.
Postcard Design and Shape - The postcard aesthetic is important in getting eyeballs to your postcard. This will entice the prospect into reading your copy. As a result, consider a shape that stands out from the ordinary rectangular shape. Also try a design that is unlike any other coffee shop's branding. Many times, coffee shops will try and assimilate to the trends of their industry. Stand out and try something new by including extreme colors, interesting imagery and even large fonts to get your message across.
Postcard Mailing - Try using a direct mailing service. Often times, you can purchase a list from the printing house that you order your cards from. This will help in reaching a certain demographic within your community and will also help in strategically reaching out to your core demographics.
As a coffee shop owner, you have the privilege of serving a community on the ground level. As a result, become an asset and get involved in local events, charities and benefits that will help your town grow. This will help in becoming an intricate component to your town's culture.
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