Monday, April 16, 2012

Disney World Insider Tips - My Review of the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

"Disney World Insider Tips - My Review of the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide"," These books offer you information about the location you wish to travel to as well as the best places to stay and the sights you should see.
 The problem with these books is most of the information is general in nature and won't offer you anything that other people won't know.
 The question is what kind of information do they offer that makes them better than the traditional travel books?

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is one such guide making these claims.
 That you can stay at a luxury 5-star resort for less, get a free ride from the airport to your hotel, skip the long lines at the park and save on dining and souvenirs.
 Also, that it matters which line you stand in, left or right.

Second, her guide offers tips on how to save on travel expenses, where to get the best deals on tickets, some of the best ""off-park"" activities to do that are often overlooked, and where to find hidden entrances that will allow you to beat the crowds.

Third, Beth's Disney World insider tips offers information about how to get reservations to the character dining experience of your choice, what to do on a rainy day, which downtown attraction she recommends above all others, which park you should visit last, and more.
 And the author claims that if you implement the suggestions given, you could save over $2000 for a vacation that would normally cost more than $5000.

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