Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Mixed Messages - Treating Auditory Dyslexia

"Getting Mixed Messages - Treating Auditory Dyslexia"," Some people associate it with word and letter reversals and others with slow learners.

I now know more about dyslexia thanks to Ronald D Davis a dyslexia sufferer and developer of the Davis Orientation Counselling Processes and Symbol Mastery Technique.

This mental function is a natural ability or talent.

• Their thoughts become the reality of the individual not the reality we all share.

• They are environmentally aware

• They are curious

• They think mainly in pictures instead of words

• They tend to be highly intuitive and perceptive

• They think and perceive using all their senses

• They experience thought as reality

• They have vivid imaginations

The abilities of dyslexics are often suppressed, ignored or destroyed by parents and the educational system because they are not the norm.

Dyslexia, although it does have its downsides, can be an extraordinary gift.

Each case of dyslexia is different for dyslexia is a self created condition.
 This perceptual talent is to do with the way the world is perceived and how thoughts are processed.
 The troublesome symptoms of dyslexia cause disorientation.
 They occur when the picture thinking of a dyslexic person becomes distorted.
 The severity of which differs from person to person.
 This makes the development of dyslexia possible not probable.
 It is a special way of reacting to a feeling of confusion that occurs when thoughts cannot be pictured.