Saturday, April 21, 2012

Postcard Marketing for Your Floral Business

Postcards are perhaps the most undervalued, but yet one of the most effective marketing tactics used by small floral shops. Floral businesses do not understand the full benefits of postcards, and very rarely employ tactics that benefit both them and their business. Below are a few key points to keep in mind when implementing and executing your postcard marketing campaign.
Unique Design - Make sure that the design of your postcard is something that speaks to your business alone. Perhaps you have something that only your business offers. This could include a special font that your store front uses, a certain design that all of your arrangements have, or even a picture of the owner. This will help in not only spreading word about your business, but also help in getting brand recognition over the long-haul.
Die Cut - Make sure that the postcard you choose is something that sticks out. The die cut postcard should embody your industry on a whole. For example, your postcard can be cut in the shape of a flower, watering can, bouquet, etc. This will not only help in getting attention, but will also help in creating increases brand visibility. It is also good to know that you can mail postcards out in this form as well. Although the postage might be slightly higher, the return on sending out such a unique postcard will double.
Interesting Copy - Make sure that the copy of your postcard speaks to the customer. It is important to realize that the copy is something that makes up the card's personality and tone. So try to think of ways to engage with the reader on a level that is casual and personable. The more casual and more personal the better the recipient can relate to your marketing materials, and in turn to your business.
Imagery - Make sure that the images you include on your postcard are things that make sense. Remember, white space is your friend. As a result, try to not clutter it up with useless images. Instead, use images that having a meaning. The more meaning the better.
When you are done, be sure to get feedback. Feedback from friends, family and coworkers is paramount in not only creating the best postcard, but also in creating the best marketing materials overall. So take their constructive criticisms and see how you can apply it to your website, banners and brochures as well.