Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Technology

Technology has made a lot of changes in our lifestyle. Tasks have been made a lot easier. Yet there are also many disadvantages. Environmentalists are now campaigning to save our environment from the negative effects of technology.

Upon realizing how technology can harm the environment, companies started to formulate methods of improving them. Given the impact that technology brought into our lives it would be impossible to just get rid of it and go back to our old ways. But through these developments, we can now enjoy the convenience that technology brings without harming our environment at all.

Good technology aims at providing convenience. But it has a bigger goal which is to help conserve and protect the environment. This may be through using up less energy, emitting fewer pollutants or allowing us to reduce, re-use and re-cycle.

The following are some of the important developments in technology that can really help save the environment:

1. Solar energy-the use of solar energy for power is one of the top developments in technology that is environmentally friendly. By using solar panels heat energy is converted into usable energy.

2. Wind energy-the wind is also another natural source of energy. Energy from the wind is gathered through turbines and converted into electricity.

3. Energy efficient establishments-Houses and commercial establishments use up a lot of energy. But there have been some developments in the structure and design of these buildings that can actually make them consume less energy. Improving ventilation and lighting of the buildings helps lessen their energy consumption.

4. Green appliances-appliance companies have now come up with a lot of good technology. Some of the appliances have been developed so that it won\'t be emitting harmful substances in the environment such as CFCs from cooling systems.