Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Success-Creating Mindset to Use to Realize That Your Potential is Forever Unlimited

"A Success-Creating Mindset to Use to Realize That Your Potential is Forever Unlimited"," I am going to, hopefully, inspire you to realize that your potential is still there - no matter what you do.

What is your potential, would you say.
? And I am not talking about what you usually tell people, if they ask you -- I am talking about what you deep down think you are capable of, genetically; the potential you would have if nothing in the world could ever eradicate, but only make temporarily invisible to you, your potential.
 What would you say. ?

Take a look at human history, or.
 Your genes are what -- the end product of a billion years of constant, and I mean constant, trial and error.
? Does that mean you have experience.
? Does that mean the genes that are in you right now should be pretty adaptable.
? It should, should it not? What about.
 What is possibly even more important, though, than the exact potential you have -- I think pretty much everyone would agree that in reality their potential is huge; but then they start thinking and come up with masses of, valid or less valid, arguments for why they do not still have the potential.
 what could possibly take your genetic potential away from you? And, really, I think potential is the wrong word to use in this case, as.

Could you think away your potential/ability.
? Really? Destroy it through thinking? Are your thoughts, or could they ever be, deep enough to change your genes? Or are your thoughts, the chaotic mess in your mind, possibly just the surface -- which, just like on a like, as it is the only thing visible from outside can look as the whole thing; but that in reality is a very, very small amount of the whole thing -- meaning the chaos is only present on that small, small amount of water.
Which would mean what, if your whole ""being"" - i lack of a better word - resembles the depth of the lake, and your mind the surface of it? It would mean that really 0,000001% -- or something like that -- of what is happening in you is really not chaotic at all, but as calm as the rest of the water in the lake.