Sunday, April 15, 2012

Open to the Incredible Potential For Your Life!

"Open to the Incredible Potential For Your Life!"," We will never get it done, we will never reach some final destination.

I have found this not to work for myself.
 My mind told me ""once I'm doing what I love, then I'll be happy"".

We are the only ones who can change our reality.
 It is definitely an inside job.
all of this exists within YOU right now as potential.
 I'm sure you have some understanding that you create your life.
 Many people who are just taking action to finally reach some wonderful destination, may never get there.
 You attract into your life what matches your thoughts, beliefs and energy.

So your energy says you are not there yet, you have to work to get there.
 You will continue to do, do, do and your final destination will always be outside of yourself.

The potential must be present within you in order for it to manifest as the situations, relationships and wonderful experiences in your life.

And just what is this potential?

Think of it as a new ""normal"", one that is rich with energy and positive qualities.
 Perhaps one where you feel freedom, ease,joy, richness on a daily basis.

Open your mind now to what that might be.
 It can be tapped into and can transform the situations,relationships and every day reality you have into a high-energy experience.
 What is one of the qualities or feelings you had as you looked at being at your destination.
 Live it now.
 And from that wonderful space, what does your life look like? What can you do right now to live that feeling, that quality in this moment?

Go for a walk? Call up a friend? Meditate?

Take action from this space and you will begin to live your potential.

A different way to approach your desired destination, a way where you match the energy of your desired outcome and therefore it must manifest