Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Rack Up Those Orders From Your Printed Catalog

Whether you send your catalogs out to businesses or consumers you'll have taken care to make sure the layout, color schemes, pictures and copy are all doing the best job they can to sell your products and services. You're playing by all the rules of marketing, yet still there's something missing and you reckon you could be doing even better.
It's time to use a few tricks of the trade to maximize orders. Why these clever little tactics work is anyone's guess, but they do and that's why people use them. Maybe not all of the ideas in this two part series will work for you, but some will. What are you waiting for?
Once you've found a great cheap catalog printing company, you need to work closely and carefully with them to implement your killer tactics. Their expert advice and know-how will be invaluable and should be readily available to you.
First off, including a letter to your customer will increase sales. Whether it's a covering letter when you do your mail out, or a letter printed inside the cover, it adds a personal touch. It needs to be clear who's writing the letter. You'll probably do more harm than good if you throw together a letter that's not signed off by an individual named person.
If you, or whoever is putting their name to the letter, can supply a photograph, that will further add to the personalization of the message. Use the letter to talk about exciting innovations in your company, or the philosophy by which you operate. Have you recently opened up a new facility or taken on new staff? Mention any awards the company's won, or any special offers you're currently running. A letter such as this is about opening up a feeling of dialogue between you and the customer, and engaging them in the life of your company.
Is there anything from your line of products you can include as a free sample? Something for nothing is always going to create a bit of excitement, and a package or envelope that's clearly got something 3 dimensional is much more likely to be opened than one that's flat like all the rest.
Include useful information and 'how to' articles. If you can add value to your catalog in this way, customers are more likely to keep it for reference, and that could well lead to an order in the future. People tend to trash catalogs if there's nothing they want to order straightaway, but give them a reason to keep it, and there's a longer window of opportunity for them to make an order.
With the help of your cheap catalogue printing company you can turn your prime marketing tool into a practically irresistible force!
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