Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Your Time at Disney World a Fun Time For All the Family

"Making Your Time at Disney World a Fun Time For All the Family"," So what if your vacation is only for a day or so? Obviously there is not the time to stand in long lines just waiting, so what is the answer to this problem?

In actual fact, its been proven that if you choose a certain queue over the other queue for the same ride (meaning either left or right side) you could save a lot of time.

Where do you get this information? Well, there is The Disney World Vacation Savings and Travel Guide which is a super source of all things Disneyland, or The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide by Beth Haworth is also full of hot tips for those venturing to Disney World.
 However, there is another way to skip the queue, so to speak, and that's called ""Fastpass""!

The Fastpass is free in that it comes within your initial admission fee but you are only able to utilize it once at a time, and a minimum of 2 hours have to pass since using your last one before you can attain another.
 Try to get as many Fastpasses in as you can within each day you are at the park.

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