Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Quick, Easy and Delicious - Fast Food Restaurants

"The Quick, Easy and Delicious - fast food resturants," I know it sounds horrendous to the average person, but there are people out there with jobs that simply do not allow them to just waltz into an eatery during lunch time, choose their food, try something new and relax over a cool drink on a hot afternoon, talking about office politics and what to wear for the next retreat. This is where fast food restaurants come into the picture. The brilliant thing about fast food was that it was really fast - sometimes even less than a few minutes can orders be filled and mouths )and stomachs) be full. Nothing hits the spot like a double cheeseburger or even a Zinger from KFC sometimes and people don't always go there because they cannot wait for their food. The fast food restaurant is like a godsend to these people because of the fact that they now can pop in, wait in line, order their food and be out their door - all the while on a conference call or sorting out business on their PDA. For those who are stuck in the office and are weighed down by their work - these restaurants now give you the option of ordering in. You can even pay by credit card and remove the hassle of having to find cash when the delivery guy comes. The choices are quite large and varied in Singapore when it comes to fast food restaurants. They are also located all over the island so finding one is really no problem. . THIS IS WHAT YOU GET TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT   

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