Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Telescopes For Sale - Comets, Meteors and Little Green Men"

"Telescopes For Sale - Comets, Meteors and Little Green Men"," Every year around August, the Earth passes through what's left of the comet 'Swift-Tuttle' and small particles of this comet collide with the Earth's atmosphere to create amazing streaks of light as they burn-up.
 Thanks to images from the Hubble space telescope, scientists are making new discoveries about our universe in regards to things like dark energy and black holes.
 Unfortunately there have not been any sightings of little green men, as yet!

After some initial research for telescopes for sale on the internet you'll find out that there are basically only 3 types of telescopes; Refractor, Reflector, and Catadioptric.
5 billion dollars.

Size isn't everything! Or is it?

A telescope works by collecting larger amounts of light than are visible to the naked eye and then magnifying it so we can see it.

Now before you rush out and buy the biggest telescope you can find there are some other considerations.
 The reason is that if there's lots of light from other sources then light from stars won't be able to compete.
 You've probably noticed how the stars are much more visible in the countryside than built up areas.

What all this means is that the size and weight of any telescope is an important consideration if you'll have to transport it into a field to get a good place to look from.
 If this is a potential new hobby and you're not sure how interested you'll stay in carrying a telescope and tripod to and from your car into nearby fields, a less expensive telescope might make more sense at the beginning.
 Another option would be to join a club and see how interested you really are before making a purchase