Sunday, April 29, 2012

Woodworkers, Start Your Engines With Seven Power Tools.

After you've established your shop, you should invest in some power tools. These are the essential seven.

A circular saw should the be the first thing you purchase. Test its speed and power with various types of wood scraps so you have a feel for what it can do. The circular saw will end up being the first thing you reach for when you have to make a cut.

You'll also need a power drill. Although small battery-operated drill are handy, you will find that they don't provide the speed or strength of its electric-powered counterpart. Corded drills can change speeds. A good all-purpose corded drill with a 3/8ths inch capacity won't cost too much and will have a variety of uses around the house.

Once you invest in a jigsaw your cutting options will take your work into new directions. They have narrow blades that power up and down while making the cut. choose a model that makes a snap on blade.

Every workshop should have a sander. They are very easy to handle. Because the sanding surface spins that various rates, it creates a nice, even finish that only the pros can achieve using a hand sander.

You\'ll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the next item, a table saw. This is important so don't try to skimp. Find a strong one that has a handle that lets you lower or raise the saw. Most of all, a table saw should have a sound motor that is strong enough so that it gives you a clean cut whether you are working with hard or soft wood.

We're not done with saws just yet. You will also want a compound miter saw for making clean, straight and angled cuts. You won't be reaching for your circular saw quite as often, and once you get the hang of it your cuts will be a lot more precise.

The last tool in this collection is the router. A router lets you form the wood by carving desired areas. Select a table-mounted router that has at least a two-horsepower motor and a few speed settings. Different bits will have different results. After you know how to use a router, you'll be able to make beautiful designs.

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