Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Need a FishFinder GPS Before You Go Fishing

"You Need a FishFinder GPS Before You Go Fishing"," Fishing can be relaxing, and it is always nice if you are actually able to catch a few fish to throw onto the fire.
 So how can you increase your odds of catching fish on your next trip? What will make you the fisherman that is a fully armed fish seeking missile?

While sailors have been using marine GPS for years now, fishermen (and women) are starting to rely on marine GPS units that are specialized for finding fish or Fishfinder (also fish finder) GPS.
 As you can see the number of manufacturers for fish finder GPS is very small and the leader, based on the number of products and popularity of products based on user feedback on sites like Amazon is Humminbird (there is no 'g' in their name) and Garmin.
 All are also water proof, so if you happen to get water on it (which is possible since you are on the water) you will not damage the delicate electronics inside.
 Virtually all units will include a sonar, which is what is needed to find out where the fish are.
 If the signal doesn't bounce back right away it will reach the bottom.
 These differences will let you know whether there are any fish in the area you are in.



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