Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exploding Your Potential

"Exploding Your Potential","

Not even about what you CAN be.

So is there something you want to be?

Or 'do' or 'have' for that matter?

There are two elements I always like to expose when I'm talking about potential because I believe these two things can be crucial to your self-belief.

You have an inherent ability or capacity for growth, development and coming into being.

You need to internalise this.

There's no getting around it.

Most of all to YOU.

The truth is, no-one could ever know the maximum of what we are truly capable.

The Sultan of Brunei was the world's richest man.

Sam Walton was the world's richest man.

Bill Gates was the world's richest man.

The probable truth is.

Potential is an unknown quantity.

*** Potential is an Inherent Quality of Unknown Quantity ***

Personally, I find these 2 things very exciting.

May be you've experienced this.
 Erodes away at self-belief.
 Not good.

It is *The Inherent Quality of Unknown Quantity*.
 YOU have it.

And how much of it you can real-ize nobody can know.

Re-read this and feel em-powered and en-couraged.
 And when you continue each day after you start, the momentum will build quickly over time and your potential will soon EXPLODE into reality!

You should believe that too!