Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Costa Tropical, Spain - Why Relocate to Andalucia's Best Kept Secret

"Costa Tropical, Spain - Why Relocate to Andalucia's Best Kept Secret"," It is being looked at as a heaven for real estate investment and more and more tourists who visit this place each year from the UK, Europe, and US are showing an avid interest in owning property.

Sun and sand: Well! The first and the foremost is the sunshine.
 Second to sunshine are the alluring beaches that are spread all along the coastline.
 People come and fall in love with the beaches around 26 of them and then they see the nice little cottages and sprawling villas close to the 19km coastline and beaches.
 Owning a beachfront home is by itself a temptation enough and the real estate market around the Andalucian coastline is not as expensive as it is in Madrid, Spain or any other popular tropical paradise like the Caribbean's.
 The average temperature is around 20°C.
 One of the most interesting thing is that thousands of acres of this landscape has been protected under nature reserves to preserve not only the beautiful landscape but also the micro-habitats within the landscape, which includes both flora and fauna.

Activities: There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy in Costa Tropical.
 Some of the other activities that you can enjoy include snorkeling, scuba diving, horse riding, hang-gliding, water sports, and fishing.
 There is a new motorway that has will complete the A7 Mediterranean Motorway and is expected to complete by end of 2009.

Real Estate: One of the main factors that have increased property investment in Costa Tropical is the low cost of living.

These are some of the main reasons although there are many more for relocating to this beautiful sub-tropical paradise on the Mediterranean.