Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Blue Collar Scholar by J Elwood Davis is a Book of Poetic Rhyme by a Working Man (Ex Marine)

"The Blue Collar Scholar by J Elwood Davis is a Book of Poetic Rhyme by a Working Man (Ex Marine)"," Known mostly to other poets as ""Raindance"" having been brought up harshly by drunken parents, lived in children's homes then he became a marine doing service in Vietnam. Having found a great love of God and an understanding of others through living life itself now in his later years he has found great release from all his thoughts of experiencing painful neglect, of seeing atrocities of life turning to a great belief in spiritual love and life everlasting which is all reflected in the writing of his poetry. So it is not at all surprising that I can write with utmost sincerity and admiration about him and his 'Word Blue Collar Scholar is a book that will move and delight even those men who say they are not a lover of poetry. Anyone and everyone who as ever been involved in hardship, pain and yes! War will find themselves relating to the read and all who have found God through being in despair, lost, frightened and scared will relate deeply too. Everyone of the poems in my opinion as a Poet and publisher. Another one is just a short little ditty of advise saying that all we have to give our children is as the title says, ROOTS and WINGS' Roots meaning a good steadfast foundation of Parental love on which to build on and Wings to let them have the freedom to fly when ready to leave the nest / home. An anthology teaching book of poetry styles that we are distributing with the funds out to schools etc. Plus one that Jim suggested be done in support of the troops all serving men and women titled: 'Poetic Words To Support The Troops' with all revenues being paid to the USO.

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