Monday, April 30, 2012

Unlocking Your True Potential

"Unlocking Your True Potential"," These same people always tend to take some short-cut method to change their lives.

Whether it may be to start their own businesses, learn to play the piano or pursue charitable activities, people will not succeed in unlocking their potential unless they are dedicated to the task and willing to do the work.

But what do these cliches really mean? To unlock your true potential, you need to ask, ""What would I do for free, just because I love it?""

This is the type of love and desire necessary to make ANY venture successful.
 You must consider the following questions:

• What are your favourite hobbies, interests? • Who are the people you admire most? • What have these people accomplished that makes you admire them so much?

The answers will help you define your talents.

Develop your vision, goals and expertise

Many people have dreams and goals but they tend to be extremely vague, such as, ""To live a better life"".

Write down the details.
 This part takes a lot of work and may even require research and/ or formal training.
 It's critical to unlocking individual potential.


Great reward is not achieved without taking risk.
 Avoiding risk is the surest way to become short-sighted and not reaching your full potential.
 That is the TRUE power of non-traditional thought and such thought is mandatory for success and for the person to be all that he can be.
 The following suggestions can be helpful for anyone seeking fulfillment:

• List three things that mean most to you; then list three things that you currently spend most time on.
 Therefore, plan with your passion in mind.
 Live your passion, values and commitment.
 Focus on areas where you have natural talent.
 Place them in an area where they will be seen everyday.
 Hone and refine your skill.

• Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people, Mentors help unlock potential.

• Recognise negative thoughts and actions for what they really are.
"" Change this statement to, ""Yes, I've had some trouble before, but now, I will learn from mistakes and try again.

• Be grateful for mistakes.
 Learn from them and move on.

""If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got""