Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seychelles Fly Fishing Heaven - Cosmoledo Atoll

"Seychelles Fly Fishing Heaven - Cosmoledo Atoll"," The reason is because these islands are virtually untapped.
 And the fish are big - lots of 10-pounders and over.
 In fact it's an anglers' paradise although still relatively unknown and a well-kept secret by many.

And the choice between fly fishing the inshore flats of Seychelles and trolling its blue waters for big game fish is more difficult than you may think if you ever go fishing in the Seychelles especially at Cosmoledo and Providence.
 But it's not easy to write about Cosmoledo fishing without superlatives.
"" The fish in the latter are big and plentiful.
 And those that discover the fishing Seychelles has to offer come back year after year but they're nor telling.

So, next time you're thinking of a fly-fishing holiday Seychelles should be at the top of your list of possible destinations - Of course not just anywhere in Seychelles but the outer islands of which there are several to choose from.
 All you have to do is find a yacht that will take you there.
 Anglers have been known to land as many as 41 different species in as little as 6 days of fly-fishing in the Seychelles with catches of 40 to 60 fairly large fish a day - More on that later.

If you are after big game fishing Seychelles won't disappoint you either for sailfish and marlins.
 You can also land large specimens of bonito, wahoo, dorado, trevally, giant barracuda, tuna, rainbow runner and many others trolling the blue waters around Cosmoledo, Alphonse, St Joseph, Providence and St Francois islands.
 In Seychelles fly-fishing season there is no reason to choose between inshore fishing and blue-water fishing when you can enjoy both on a superlative level every day.
 They come down with the tide in huge shoals of perhaps one thousand strong and you can expect to hook 50 bones a day on those flats including several 10-pounders and bigger.
 So this is the reason that you should not choose between the two for your best fly-fishing holiday.

And fish the inshore flats with the tide.
 Otherwise you'll miss out on a chance of a lifetime.
 You can have lots of fun and easily land a record-breaker among a catch of 50 or more medium-to-large fish a day.
 For giant trevallies (GT) you will be landing 25-pounders with some very much bigger - even 70-pounders have been caught.
 During the off-season the sea is rough and fish are scarce.

But the rainy season doesn't mean it rains everyday and all day.
 So now you know.

And remember the reason that the fishing is so good is that these islands are mostly uninhabited and remote - 250 to 600 miles from Victoria, Mahe.

Now go enjoy yourself in Seychelles fly-fishing heaven and don't overlook the shallow inshore flats if your preference is big-game fishing and vice versa