Monday, April 23, 2012

The Four Sacred And Essential Conversations For Life Success

"The Four Sacred And Essential Conversations For Life Success"," On one side of your skin is your inner life.
 All our lives we strive for a sense of self, the essential experience of ""I am"" on both sides of our skin.
 Your inner life reflects your outer life and your outer life reflects your inner life.
 Even with God.
 However, in my work as a personal counselor, I have recognized four conversations so essential to the sense of self that I have called them ""sacred"".

Imagine conversations that awaken the distinction between your sense of self that is filled with lasting significance and the sense of self that is ""here today, gone tomorrow.
 You need to be honoring both the transitory personality and the lasting ""I am.

The four sacred conversations have lasting significance to how you develop a true sense of your self and your destiny.

Conversations for Inner Meaning:   The Comforting Conversation &The Challenging Conversation

Your sense of inner meaning is served by comforting and challenging conversations.
 When you lose your sense of self and are overcome with confusion, fear, sadness, or anger, you need a comforting conversation.

When you feel it is time to push your limits, find new capacities, create new perspectives, you need a challenging conversation.

Conversations for Outer Success:   The Receiving Conversation & The Giving Conversation

Your success in the world is dependent on receiving and giving conversations.

No one individual comes ""fully-loaded.
 Success depends on asking for what you need from others.
  Each human being comes into the world with a need to contribute in their own special way.
 This allows you to serve your destiny.

 Thoughts on the Four Sacred Conversations

The four sacred conversations are indispensable to living your life any way you want to live it both inside and out.
 These four conversations establish and sustain your life and your ""I""

It is clear sacred conversation is more than ordinary talk.
 You find new meaning and new success.
  You transform the world and yourself.

 Questions for Pondering

Here are some questions to ponder: Who do you have comforting conversations with? A friend, mentor, therapist, spiritual teacher?

Are you aware when you need comforting? These are the conversations that restore and rebalance.
 Do you read books that offer new perspectives? Do you engage in activities that take you outside your familiar ways and boundaries?

Do you know what you need to receive? Do you have a list of people who are resources? These are not ordinary resources although they may look ordinary.

Who are you in conversation with when you have your giving conversations? Who needs the unique gifts you offer?

In a sacred conversation there is a speaker and a responder.
 Do you have anyone in your life who is able to focus on your needs during a sacred conversation about your inner life? Who are the individuals who ""get"" you and your unique gift?

Often these conversations show up spontaneously.
 It can be illuminating to reflect back over the conversations of the last week or month and recognize the role they have played in your life.
 We all need comforting, challenging, receiving and giving conversations in our work, our relationships, our finances, our intellectual development, our sexuality, our spirituality, etc.
  Each of us needs a rhythm of sacred conversation centered on our own path of self-development.
 A good counselor will provide the elements of warmth, containment, encouragement and creative review and reflection.
  Share your questions, your process, your surprises.


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