Monday, April 23, 2012

Did the God Create the Universe?

"Did the God Create the Universe?"," In the universe what you see now has happened a hell a lot of time before or billion and billions of year ago.
 So the distant universe that we see now is a perception of universe that is billions and trillions of light years away.

So the time and space or distance involved in defining the universe is not possible for human race that thrives only on a small size star, that is our sun.

The human race or life on earth is like a bubble on surface of water in the river of universe keeping in view its complete periodic annihilation during its life history perhaps every 500,000 years or so.
 Now let us talk of years.
 Fastest known speed is that of light and it is about 300000 Km per second.
87 Trillion Miles or 1 Light Year is about 5870000000000 Miles.
 It is safe to assume that billions of stars make a galaxy and billions of galaxies make a universe.
 Scale of universe (or dare to call it reach of universe) is beyond human comprehension.
 A bubble on water has no right to define its river.
 God is nothing like human.
 God is anonymous and will remain so ever until the universe is recreated by actions on course of logical conclusions.
 God is perfect.

Atoms are made of particles.
 The names given to these are neutron, proton and electron respectively.
 Further actions on course of logical conclusion will eventually leave no inter-atomic space and all particles will be held together that will lead to merging of one single particle of matter out of the atom.

When the universe is eventually eaten by black holes and one single black hole remains in the universe the above state of the atom shall be logically achieved.
 By logical conclusions of the gravity the ball of matter will get smaller and hotter.
 The time shall come to a halt.
 As the ball of plasma keeps expanding for a immensely long time new stellar systems and galaxies along with their life forms will start to form in the universe.
 Wisdom of God is incomprehensible.

If any advanced extra terrestrial civilization hears of this they will never rate human race more than retarded morons condemned to be morons through the periodic start and annihilation of their race.
 He is all powerful and all pervasive.
 Instead of looking outward for a better future we humans must look upon ourselves to find out how we can improve our lot because sooner or later our time on earth is going to run out.
 Keeping in view the human life form it is logical to assume that such a travel will never be possible.

Human will always keep struggling with their exponentially growing numbers and fast diminishing resources until the God makes a call and they are sent back to caves to start from scratch to learn a new way of life with a new set of resources.