Sunday, April 15, 2012

Potential Is the Greatest Source of Wealth Available to Mankind

"Potential Is the Greatest Source of Wealth Available to Mankind"," Are you convinced that you are living your full potential or are you just coasting through life, spinning your wheels? Remember that you can only coast in one direction, so when you explore this question and you realise that you possess a vast amount of untapped potential, are you going to allow this potential to be wasted for even one second longer? Or are you going to make the choice today to tap into this pool of wasted potential, risk failure, accept challenge and begin to live a fulfilling and meaningful life?

Newspapers, libraries and magazines are filled with numerous stories about awkward teenagers who could not even pass exams at school or athletes who failed to make their school sports teams.
 Had they accepted the opinions of other people or saw themselves as failures, they would have remained trapped in lives that were less than fulfilling and gone on to live average lives.

The way to separate yourself from the average and to begin to explore the limits of your potential is to make the conscious choice to finally begin to do whatever it takes, to awaken your own sleeping ""GIANT WITHIN"".

Awake your ""Sleeping Giant Within"" by following these four easy steps.
 You have the potential to acquire all the skill and ability you will ever need.
 The only restriction on what you are able to achieve, is dictated by the limitations you place on yourself.
 Create a crystal clear picture in your mind, a vision of exactly what you want to create in your future.
 Stay focused on your vision and just keep chipping away, day after day, until you achieve all the goals you have for your future.
 When you have this fire in your belly and your adrenaline is pumping through your veins, nothing will be able to stop you; you will have finally awakened your ""Sleeping Giant Within""

Awaken your sleeping Giant Within.
 That small challenge you will need to overcome is: ""As easy as these four steps are to apply in your life, so easy are they not to apply"".