Sunday, April 15, 2012

Potential - A Concept

"Potential - A Concept"," And what a fantastic concept it is.
 Potential is seeing a beautiful sculpture in a simple block of granite.
 Potential is turning the invisible into the visible.
 Sylvester Stallone watched the Muhammad Ali versus Chuck Wepner fight.
 Wepner, a liquor salesman from Bayonne, New Jersey, never stood a chance.
 He saw the plot for a movie.
 The rest is history.

Potential is all around us.
 We are too hypnotized by our own little personal drama to see that opportunity is knocking at the door.
 I'm looking for a way out of my present pitiful situation.

Over one hundred publishers were offered the manuscript of Robert Pirsig's book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and turned it away.

We look but we don't see.
 Our minds are too preoccupied with trivial matters.

We are fortunate to live in a sea of abundance yet we let our friends and the media tell us that times are hard.
 That we should follow the beaten path and do what everyone else is doing.

The potential for untold new and exciting projects are all around us.
 And, all that we need to discover them is an open mind, a little imagination and the courage to explore the possibilities.
 Let's not go hungry while sitting at the banquet's table.
 Seize the day.