Sunday, April 15, 2012

Potential - What It Means to You

"Potential - What It Means to You"," So the word ""potential"" means having the possibility or capability to be powerful in whatever area you show potential.
 Our potential comes from the combined knowledge, training, experience, talents, physical attributes, etc, that we were born with and have accumulated throughout our lives.
 It allows us to be more capable of achieving our desires and becoming more successful by accessing the resources of this inner strength.
"" - Thomas Edison

Many people are genuinely unaware of just how much knowledge or power they have.
"" The more you allow this to continue, the more potential you lose, the more power you lose.
 Yes, even if you are unaware you are doing so, the responsibility is yours to find out and correct the weakness in you.
 And part of self-development is understanding and getting to know the inner you and your untapped, unknown, unrealized potential.