Saturday, April 14, 2012

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium - Picking a Saltwater Aquarium

"Starting a Saltwater Aquarium - Picking a Saltwater Aquarium"," The truth is that the saltwater aquariums, while acquiring more of an investment, will provide you with a beautiful display of the ocean ecosystem and once in place will be no more difficult to maintain that a freshwater aquarium.
 An important rule to remember is that the bigger your saltwater aquarium is the better, not because of shear size but because a larger tank will be more forgiving when it comes to mistakes.
 It is also important to remember that saltwater fish require more space than freshwater fish.

After choosing your tank size you will be able to make educated decisions concerning the rest of the equipment for your saltwater aquarium.
 You will want to be sure that if you are going to have ""live rocks,"" or rocks that have been transplanted from an ocean environment, you will want a good filtration system.
 Again, a 55 gallon tank is the best size to start with because it will enable you to make some mistakes while still developing your saltwater ecosystem.
 For example, a filtration system may effect the Alkalinity of the water.
 A log will most certainly be a beneficial tool as you begin developing your aquarium.