Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Having Fun With Kids Easter Activities

"Having Fun With Kids Easter Activities"," This enthusiasm offers many opportunities for kids to learn while they have fun. They are also opportunities to learn and develop skills and creativity. For the egg and spoon races have the kids race as they carry an egg on a spoon. If they can't all race at once, time each person individually to see how long it takes them to complete the course. Give each pair an egg and stand them a short distance apart. Any pair that drops an egg is eliminated. See how far apart the winning pair can be stand while still throwing and catching. Hide real eggs or Easter eggs for children to find. The final clue can lead to the 'treasure' which can be prizes or Easter eggs and candy. Convert an egg and spoon race to a relay and you have a fun and active Easter activity. But Easter fun doesn't have to stop outdoors. Easter crafts can include making Easter wreaths, Easter cards, Easter baskets and decorating eggs or dyeing eggs. Make your own Easter board games, Easter bingo games or play a few Easter word games. Make a 'Snakes and Ladders' style game but use 'Bunnies and Eggs' instead. Add a few 'hazard squares' and 'reward squares' to the board and then just roll the dice to see how far to move on each turn and race each other to the finish. You might also like to try a Easter version of the game 'Hangman' for a word game. This is a simple Easter activity to organize and it will also get kids really thinking. Just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless! . CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING