Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips: The Best Baits To Use For Rainbow Trout

"Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips: The Best Baits To Use For Rainbow Trout"," Should you use ""flies"", man-made bait that comes in jars, minnow plugs, live bait, or should you search the internet for a ""homemade"" trout bait recipe? In this article I will draw upon my twenty plus years of knowledge fishing for the beautiful fish known as the rainbow trout to outline a list of the best baits to use for rainbow trout. If you don't already employ any of these trout bait choices, you should consider adding them sooner rather than later if you are interested in being a successful trout angler. Drifting a live worm through the current of a river or stream that contains rainbow trout is a wonderful technique to use. Insects - Insects are a major food source for this particular species of fish and while live insects are difficult (if not impossible) to use as bait for trout, artificial insects (flies) are not. I realize that this fact isn't a secret as there is an entire style of fishing devoted to fishing with artificial flies called ""fly fishing"". Artificial flies can be used as bait by spin fishermen by employing a small plastic sphere called a casting bubble. The bottom line is that insects are a major food source (and thus a great bait choice) when it come to fishing for rainbow trout. This particular trout bait is normally ""still fished"" in a lake or pond that has been ""stocked"" with rainbow trout. Some anglers even swear that Power worms will out fish live worms when it comes to fishing for rainbow trout. Are they the only bait s that can be used for our beautiful friends known as ""rainbows""? Of course not, but if you haven't tried any of these baits, you probably should, sooner rather than later. Make YOUR DAY LEARN SOMETHING NEW