Friday, April 13, 2012

What Is the Success Story of the First Fast Food Restaurant?

"What Is the Success Story of the First Fast Food Restaurant?"," You can often see whole families there, having supper, because of the really cheap food, good taste and fast service. They are all obsessed with this innovative way of eating and for many of them it has become an indivisible part of their lives. Almost 20 years earlier a fledgling Enterprise emerged - White Castle. ""White Castle"" opens its doors in Wichita, Kansas. Even though the term ""fast food"" was not used at the time the restaurant opened, Billy Ingram and J. But its success story has not yet reached its zenith. Their methods changed the public opinion about hamburgers by letting customers watch the burgers being made. The attention to hygiene did help convince the customers to try the burgers. And that's how it all started almost 90 years ago. . THIS IS WHAT YOU GET TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT