Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amazing US Scenic Highways

"Amazing US Scenic Highways"," From the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and expansive Arizona desert, to the mysterious swamps of New Orleans and rainforest highlands of Hawaii, there's beautiful scenery emerging from landscapes in all regions of our country. Explore roadside attractions, camp or simply take your time as you wind your way through the wilderness. Built in 1926, Route 66 covers nearly 1,500 miles, from California, winding its way through middle America and up to Chicago. Marvel at quirky, roadside attractions such as the Bunyan Giant in Atlanta, Ill. Stop for souvenirs at a New Mexico trading post, and get your fill of classic American food in one of the many roadside diners. The PCH is typically pulsating with stunning views and sunny weather worthy of a convertible. Stop along the way to view wildlife, hike in the cliffs or go for a surf on the beach. Winding from Anchorage to the south-central region of Alaska, this road is dotted by marshlands, saltwater bays, spruce forests and soaring mountains. With such gorgeous scenery surrounding you at all angles, you may find it difficult to sit still long enough to reach the next spot. Make my day click here