Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Dive Bahamas - The Top Spots"

"Dive Bahamas - The Top Spots"," There are myriad world class diving sites to be explored all across The Bahamas and they cater to all levels of diving experience. One of the greatest things about a trip to this gorgeous part of the world is the range of wonderful places for you to dive. Read on for some of the best dive sites that are on offer in the beautiful Bahamas. For hundreds of years the waters surrounding these islands served as shipping routes between Europe and the New World and lured their fair share of pirates ready to seize a treasure or two. The combination of reefs and ship wrecks however, makes for some of the world's most exciting diving experiences. The ominously named Devil's Backbone is an eight mile reef that is a true diver's delight, offering wreck diving for all experience levels. This fun little diving site also has a train! That's right; the steamship's cargo included a locomotive, which was on route to Cuba when it sank. This is a great dive for beginner divers as it lies in only 10 feet of water. There are more than 80 different sites for diving around San Salvador, with huge stag and elk horn coral in abundance. There are many wrecks around this reef that parrotfish, barracuda and other exotic marine animals call home. These were formed in the last ice age and are an exciting adventure for more experienced divers. The Bahamas boasts some of the world's most spectacular diving experiences offering plentiful exotic marine life, fascinating coral reefs and submerged caves, as well as the intriguing chance to find some treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon. . Make my day click here