Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Work At Home and Eat Right

"Work At Home and Eat Right"," If it's a hard day and you have a wireless headset, you might find yourself making several trips to the kitchen to get more to eat. Trying to eat right when you sit all day to work gets tricky and being home can be either a godsend or a nightmare. Your laptop is sitting on the table with your headset ready to go. You start the day with a cup of coffee or tea, and perhaps will continue drinking those stimulants all day. When you're done with the client, you get up and wander into the kitchen, ready to eat. and have the eggs. Before you can finish cooking them, you get another client. so you nuke them. and the day continues like that, right on past dinner. For one thing, those eggs, left sitting out, start creating a science project right in the bowl. What with all the salmonella outbreaks, perhaps leaving eggs sitting out isn't such a good idea. You could get a nasty salmonella infection fairly easily that way. Don't we all keep thinking ""Hey, I work at home, so I can get something to eat anytime I want""? Eat breakfast, then turn on the computer, and have some healthy snacks ready for those busy days. Look my friend, it's your health we are talking about here, and it's more important than any amount of money you might make with your online or phone job. The immune system requires a huge amount of energy, so why do anything that's going to impact that system negatively? Quit eating budding science experiments; that would be a good start. HERE IT IS ALL IN ONE NUT SHELL